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  • Field Trip to the Zoo

    **I am embarrassed to admit this but feel that I must for full disclosure purposes: This post is about an event that took place LAST SCHOOL YEAR! She isn’t even in 1st grade anymore. I am a lazy bum. Continue… Every kid gets excited when they hear the words “field trip.” Corinne is no different. […]

  • How Hard Can It Be?

    I just wanted to get a picture of the kids before we left for church. They were all ready early (and people say miracles don’t happen anymore) so it was the perfect day. Corinne had slept with her hair in tiny braids after her shower and was so excited about her wavy hair. Mason was […]

  • Oops

    It is no secret. I loathe cleaning the kitchen floor. There are many reasons: 1. It is the original 1987 brown and country blue floral print laminate from when the house was built. It no longer shines (even after being cleaned) and is cracking in many spots. I just don’t want to redo the floors […]

  • Holy Hannah!

    I can’t believe it has been 5 MONTHS since I posted last! I am the worst! We were busy with summer and busy with life but STILL!! I promise to be better. The kiddos are back in school so it will be easier to update now. Hopefully I took pictures of the fun stuff we […]

  • 2,743,902 Reasons I love my kids

    Okay, so I’ll spare you from most of the reasons. I do really love my kids, though. Yes, they drive me to the brink of insanity almost daily, but they are the reasons for the highest peaks of joy, too. They love tatoos. Seems like they are everywhere now: cereal boxes, prize at the dentist, […]

  • What Season is This?

    I have been trying to explain to the kids that Spring is the season that bridges Winter into Summer. The easiest thing to tell them was that some days would feel more like Winter while other days felt like Summer. The days in between are Spring. It’s been really confusing because Ohio weather is never […]

  • Mason is 5!!!

    My sweet Mason woke up on the morning of his 5th birthday and said, “Since I am 5 now, do I get to go to kindergarten today?” We had always told him that he would go when he was 5. That’s my boy. He LOVES school and can’t wait for the next stage. Mason also […]

  • Kalahari

    For a long time, we have been talking about going to Kalahari. Stephanie took action and found a deal that was too good to pass up. The kids had a blast! Here are some pictures. Sorry if they are fuzzy or dark. It was tricky getting the kids to stand still long enough to capture […]

  • February brought Birthdays

    Tony’s birthday is on the 8th. (Mark your calendars, everyone.) Normally he doesn’t get his own cake because Corinne’s birthday is on the 10th. This year, she was having a birthday party so I decided to get Tony’s his own strawberry casada cake. It was divine! I highly recommend it! I don’t even have any […]

  • Snow Days

    I think we have used 4 out of 5 allotted snow days. Ugh. One of them was a lame excuse for wanting another day off. Don’t they realize how hard it is to entertain kids that are stuck inside their home for numerous days in a row?! We were all bouncing off the walls! Here […]