It is no secret. I loathe cleaning the kitchen floor. There are many reasons:

1. It is the original 1987 brown and country blue floral print laminate from when the house was built. It no longer shines (even after being cleaned) and is cracking in many spots. I just don’t want to redo the floors anywhere in the house until the kids can be more responsible.

2. The kids have it dirty within minutes of me spending an hour scrubbing it. Talk about infuriating!

3. I am lazy and would rather read a book or even have my eyebrows plucked one stray hair at a time than crawl around on my knees like Cinderella.

Anyway, I started the dishwasher one morning on our way out to play. I had received a trial packet of soap and figured, “Why not?” Well, this is why not…

The Great Overflow

Turns out it was DISH SOAP not DISHWASHER DETERGENT. Ugh. My brain was malfunctioning that day like most days. Anyway, the kids had a blast cleaning it up.

The Great Overflow

The Great Overflow

Besides, the kitchen floor got cleaned! It was actually much easier than the way I normally do it, and the kitchen smelled great, too! Maybe I’m on to something…


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