2,743,902 Reasons I love my kids

Okay, so I’ll spare you from most of the reasons. I do really love my kids, though. Yes, they drive me to the brink of insanity almost daily, but they are the reasons for the highest peaks of joy, too.

They love tatoos. Seems like they are everywhere now: cereal boxes, prize at the dentist, pack of Nintendo cards, etc. Corinne and Mason decided they wanted to match.
Closeup of the tatoos

I couldn’t get those suckers OFF when Sunday rolled around. Unfortunately, that meant they were sporting tats to church.

Mason is just plain silly. The kid just radiates fun (unless he is having one of his moments where he is flailing on the floor throwing an ear-piercing fit). We went to the Dublin Rec Center to swim. Instead of putting his clothes in the cube, Mason put himself in. Weirdo.

Corinne is coming of age. That has lots of different meanings. She whined on Saturday when I asked her to put her laundry away. I decided it was time for the “I am not your slave, I am your mother” lecture. She sighed, rolled her eyes, and put her laundry away. Ugh. On the other hand, she is so helpful and loving to her brothers. She gives them instructions for the day on how to be good boys while she is waiting for the bus then blows them kisses as the bus pulls away. The other day I captured this:
Catching some ZZZs

She and Ethan had decided to watch a movie together, but Ethan fell asleep. She was so proud of her ability to “mother.” She is a good girl with crazy teeth.

Corinne's Tooth

Ethan is plain insane. I honestly don’t know what this kid has for breakfast (okay…I do know what he has for breakfast, but apparently it affects him differently than the rest of us) that causes him to go into hyperdrive. My goodness! He is a sponge these days and wants to be just like his older siblings. Here is a prime example of him showing what he learned from Mason:
Ethan is having a bad day

Ethan is having a bad day

Ethan is having a bad day

Ethan is having a bad day

Looks like he took good notes during Fits 101. The top grade is from Melting Mom’s Heart 101.

He’s just so stinking cute. Especially now that he is talking in sentences. He is adorable to listen to!

Being a mother to these kids is an honor. I feel like I should give them a gift on Mother’s Day for allowing me to be their mom. I couldn’t be happier…


3 responses to “2,743,902 Reasons I love my kids”

  1. this post made me smile… except for Corinne’s teeth. That made me cringe a little.

    Marisa sported a tatoo to church two weeks in a row too. If only it was as cool as princess peach. It was a miracle grow watering can that simply would not come off.

    I can’t believe how big Ethan is getting. We haven’t seen him in so long that I still picture him as a baby.
    We can’t wait to come play!

  2. Wow, the kids are getting so big and they are absolutely adorable. Every time I see Corinne I am sad that you moved away. I really think that she and Kelsey would be great friends. By the way, rubbing alcohol works great on removing tattoos.

  3. Well…..being one of the grandmas…what can I say….I love these kiddos to the nth degree!

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