What Season is This?

I have been trying to explain to the kids that Spring is the season that bridges Winter into Summer. The easiest thing to tell them was that some days would feel more like Winter while other days felt like Summer. The days in between are Spring. It’s been really confusing because Ohio weather is never predictable.

We woke one morning over Spring Break to snow. By the time the sun came up, only half of the yard had snow left. The kids took advantage of their ability to play in the snow without freezing off any appendages. We had a blast! On one side of the yard, we were playing baseball. On the other side of the yard, we were building a Spring Snowman:

Spring Snowman

Spring Snowman

A dear friend had her 4th child close to Easter. I invited her older two kids to have a sleepover to give her a bit of a break. We decided to go to an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning. Who knew they would be hidden in the snow?! I never even thought to take hats or gloves. They were FREEZING!!

Ethan on the hunt

Ethan Egg hunting

The Gang

Getting dressed in the morning is challenging because by lunch, the weather is completely different! I’m glad the kids seem to be able to go with the flow. Just to be on the safe side, we bought the kids sandals over the weekend. Corinne and I painted our toenails, too. Here’s to hoping for warmer weather!


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