Fall 2010

  We have made it a tradition to go to the Pumpkin Festival (Pumpkin  Show to the locals) every year in Circleville, Ohio.  Here are the munchkins in front of this year’s winner for largest pumpkin:   I can’t even get watermelon to grow in my garden!  But I digress…  It was fun for all! […]

Date Nights

We started a new rotation in our family: Date Night. We picked Fridays. Corinne, being the first child, gets the first Friday of the month. Mason the second, Ethan the third, Tony and I the fourth and should there be a fifth Friday, we go on a family date. The child picks a parent and […]

Summer Summarized

We did lots of playing over the summer: swings, zoo, socials, slip n’ slide, visiting grandparents, etc. Here’s a quick overview: Ethan learned out to swing on a big boy swing… ..and became friends with a snake. Mason had fun showing Ethan how to swing… …and playing T-ball. Corinne kept trying new things… …and making […]