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  • Halloween 2010

    Halloween is my favorite.  Perhaps it is the idea of looting my kids’ bag of treats once they are sleeping snuggly in their beds.  Or maybe the fun of being allowed to dress up and not be thought odd.  This year was no exception. Corinne decided she wanted to be a vampire.  I decided I […]

  • Fall 2010

      We have made it a tradition to go to the Pumpkin Festival (Pumpkin  Show to the locals) every year in Circleville, Ohio.  Here are the munchkins in front of this year’s winner for largest pumpkin:   I can’t even get watermelon to grow in my garden!  But I digress…  It was fun for all! […]

  • Art or Playground?

    We are lucky enough to live in Dublin which is pretty big into public art. One of these artpieces is near our home. We call it The Corn. There are 109 ears of cement corn. The kids love to run around between the rows. We went in the fall to play hide and go seek. […]

  • Mason’s Got Skills

    It was a challenge to teach Corinne to ride her bike. I was not looking forward to having Mason learn. To my surprise, he took off the training wheels himself and just went for it. There were a few runs where he was scared, but that didn’t last long. Hopefully Ethan will be just as […]

  • Ethan’s First Dental Appointment

    You all know how crazy I am for the dentist. Dental hygiene is my calling in life! I’m good at it. Naturally, I want the kids to enjoy going. When Ethan turned 3 last summer, I was a bit skeptical that it would be a good experience so I waited until early fall. The chair […]

  • Date Nights

    We started a new rotation in our family: Date Night. We picked Fridays. Corinne, being the first child, gets the first Friday of the month. Mason the second, Ethan the third, Tony and I the fourth and should there be a fifth Friday, we go on a family date. The child picks a parent and […]

  • Summer Summarized Part II

    The kids spent lots of time with lots of family this summer. The Rices had them in Cleveland for a week of fun. A family friend let them borrow a cool blow-up waterslide. The kids had a blast! Tony’s parents took them camping at the John Johnson farm in Hiram, Ohio. This is no small […]

  • Ethan turned 3 in JULY!!!!!

    So I know Ethan is 3 1/2 now but better late than never. This kid never ceases to amaze me. He is silly and crazy and snuggly! When he smiles, he eyes squint up. It’s so adorable that I have to kiss him all over his face. Ethan was really into Mickey Mouse and the […]

  • Tap, tap, tap…

    Is this thing on? Anybody out there?

  • Summer Summarized

    We did lots of playing over the summer: swings, zoo, socials, slip n’ slide, visiting grandparents, etc. Here’s a quick overview: Ethan learned out to swing on a big boy swing… ..and became friends with a snake. Mason had fun showing Ethan how to swing… …and playing T-ball. Corinne kept trying new things… …and making […]