Mason is 5!!!

My sweet Mason woke up on the morning of his 5th birthday and said, “Since I am 5 now, do I get to go to kindergarten today?” We had always told him that he would go when he was 5. That’s my boy. He LOVES school and can’t wait for the next stage.

Mason also loves video games. He picked a PacMan cake, and I was thrilled since it was such an easy cake to make. Bless his heart…he was so tickled by it.

Mason's 5th Birthday

Mason's 5th Birthday

All of his grandparents were here for his celebration plus Tia Stephanie and Uncle James. It was so fun to have all of us together. Plus it meant lots of presents! He was so spoiled!

Mason's 5th Birthday

Mason testing out his new SpiderMan scooter from Grandma Ann and Papa Bill.
Mason's 5th Birthday

Another favorite was his Mario toy from his cousins in Utah. He even gave him rides on his new scooter. Ethan broke his arm off a few days after his birthday. Poor Mario and poor Mason!
Mason's 5th Birthday

Here’s his 5 year picture with monkey…
Mason's at 5 years

and a 1 year for comparison.
Mason, 1 year old!


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