February brought Birthdays

Tony’s birthday is on the 8th. (Mark your calendars, everyone.) Normally he doesn’t get his own cake because Corinne’s birthday is on the 10th. This year, she was having a birthday party so I decided to get Tony’s his own strawberry casada cake. It was divine! I highly recommend it!

Tony's Casatta Cake

I don’t even have any pictures of the actual birthday boy. We all know what he looks like, right? On to Corinne then…

On odd numbered birthdays, the kids are allowed to have a celebration. Corinne picked Galaxy, Games, and Golf for her party this year. It was a good time had by the kids. I did cupcakes and let the kids decorate them so there isn’t a picture of a gorgeous cake made by yours truly. Ha! Some of the kids took it so seriously. Check out their faces:

Corinne's Party

Corinne's Party

Corinne's Party

Corinne’s favorite part was playing with her friends and the presents. What kid wouldn’t love those things?

Corinne's Party

So here’s my 7 year old looking so big…

Corinne at 7 years

…in comparison.

Corinne and her bunny


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  1. Hi Greta

    Wow. She IS looking so old. And she’s so beautiful. Crazy that our kids are growing, huh?

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