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  • Happy Birthday, Abba-ita!

    If you know my kids, you can hear them singing the title as you read it. Today is a holiday in our house because it is Tony’s mom’s birthday, and she is our hero. (I have not, however, committed her birthday to memory and, therefore, am embarrassed we didn’t do more than this post.) Let […]

  • A sticky situation

    You can call me a bad parent for numerous reasons. Here is a story that illustrates several examples:  I usually let the kids watch a movie in the afternoon after Corinne gets home from school so that I can relax and/or cook dinner. (Can you hear their brains rotting?) While they watch the movie, […]

  • 2 out of 3 IS bad

    I am in shock. Crushed. Ethan has discovered his thumb. He seems to prefer his left. Ugh. Corinne is 4.5 and STILL SUCKS HER THUMB!!!! We’ve tried painting her nails thinking she would find them too pretty to suck and then moved on to the big guns: humiliation, threatening to dip it in hot sauce, […]

  • Bowling

    Corinne has been bugging us to take her bowling for a long time. We got a coupon in the mail for one free game for up to 10 people, and the wish came true. Mason enjoyed himself, too. I was a smidge worried about him putting on the bowling shoes, but he actually loved them […]

  • Ethan is 3 months old!

    I love this child. Alot. The thought has occurred to me that he could be my last, so I think I’m trying to soak him up. I’m so glad that his chubbiness is in full swing. He was so scrawny at the beginning that I didn’t know what to think. Now I’ve got him just […]

  • Halloween

    I love Halloween! I know some people don’t participate in it, but I celebrate it! It’s so fun to get the kids dressed up, pick pumpkins, carve pumpkins, eat the kids’ candy, etc. Here are some pictures of us enjoying one of my favorite times of the year. We started the Halloween season by going […]

  • Hello world!

    I know you are all DYING to know what my blog will hold…but you’ll have to wait!