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  • Christmas 2009

    The kids were so excited for Christmas to come. They were too cute getting everything ready for Santa. (Dear Santa, We hope you are safe and… we wish you a Merry Christmas. Love, Corinne Mason and Ethan) We were so busy opening presents on Christmas morning, that we didn’t get a single picture! It wasn’t […]

  • It Was Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

    One of my favorite times of year to decorate is Christmas. The whole house just feels cozier. I tried something new for the fireplace this year and thought it turned out nicely! Wish it had been real pine. I love the way it looks and smells, but the needles dry out and get stuck in […]

  • Thanksgiving 2009

    I am so very behind on updating. Prepare yourselves over the next few weeks for an onslaught of posting. First things first, Thanksgiving. If you remember, Mason was in a full cast. A few weeks before Thanksgiving, he was downgraded to a walking cast. I love Mason’s “I’m really happy but acting scared but don’t […]

  • I’m a Sucker for a Prize

    Especially a KitchenAid Mixer. However, luck is not a lady tonight…yet! I have entered multiple times on Pioneer Woman’s website with no luck. Today I find a friend from back in the day started a new website It’s fun! An added bonus is that she is having a giveaway. Score! I sure could use […]

  • Pretend Thanksgiving

    We always travel north to visit our families over the Thanksgiving holiday which means we don’t get the chance to prepare turkey very often. Tony has been itching to fry one for a LONG time. His parents came to town a few weekends ago and brought a friend’s fryer with them. Tony had stars in […]

  • Mason’s One Month Anniversary

    One month ago today, Mason broke his leg. He has been a trooper through the whole thing. It has made me be a better mom. Lots more one-on-one time and patience. We have a new routine to our day. He spent alot of time at the beginning on his bum doing various things. Then he […]

  • Halloween 2009

    I love fall and everything that comes with it! Even as a dental hygienist, I love trick or treat. I think it’s because the kids get to throw caution to the wind and just have fun. The church always has a party for the family to enjoy. Corinne stayed true to being a cat this […]

  • Apple Festival 2009

    I love a good festival. My hometown has one every year, and I love to head back just to go. It’s different since the school building was torn down, but I still like to support it. The kids played on the 4-wheelers all morning with the Sharpes. They drove from Pittsburg to meet us for […]

  • Poor Mason

    It has made us nervous for quite some time watching the kids jump from higher and higher stairs. Yesterday, just as we were finishing up dinner, Mason jumped from the 4th stair up. I happened to look up and watch him land. You know those videos on YouTube that people post and say things like, […]

  • The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies You’ll EVER Eat

    I am a cookie snob. I want them thick with a crunchy exterior and soft interior. We are foodies in this household. During one of our countless times watching Food Network, we watched a Bobby Flay throwdown centering on chocolate chip cookies. While Bobby’s didn’t do it for me, his competitors’ cookies made my mouth […]