Snow Days

I think we have used 4 out of 5 allotted snow days. Ugh. One of them was a lame excuse for wanting another day off. Don’t they realize how hard it is to entertain kids that are stuck inside their home for numerous days in a row?! We were all bouncing off the walls! Here are some things that kept us busy:

LOTS of playing inside and out
Keep out!
I thought this sign was cute but felt bad for my buddy Ethan for being banned. (No Ethan aulood–Privit)

Once there was a snowman

Decorations for birthdays/Valentine’s Day–We hung “Happy Birthday” and the numbers Tony, Corinne, and James (brother-in-law) were turning from the chandelier.
Happy Birthday Mobile

The kids didn’t like that it wasn’t easily readable. Corinne had another idea that worked PERFECTLY!!
Happy Birthday, Tony Corinne and James

That left the chandelier all lonely so we did this:
Valentine Mobile
Any reason to stretch out their attention spans a little longer and eat some time off the ol’ clock!

One of the mornings we woke up to some chaos.
Snow emergency

I guess that snow day was warranted. Eventually the roads got cleared and life was as normal as it could be with my three wonderful yet crazy kids!
Ethan sleeping

Today I noticed my daffodils creaping up through the mulch. Spring is on the way!

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