Poor Mason

It has made us nervous for quite some time watching the kids jump from higher and higher stairs. Yesterday, just as we were finishing up dinner, Mason jumped from the 4th stair up. I happened to look up and watch him land. You know those videos on YouTube that people post and say things like, “DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE!” because it is so sickening? Yeah…it was like that. Made worse by the popping sound I heard. There was a small delay before the realization of pain set in but then the screams came on full force. I thought he had really messed up his ankle. Tony and I scooped him up and headed to Urgent Care while Steph and James stayed behind to feed/care for the other rugrats.

The parking lot at Urgent Care was PACKED! When I commented to Tony, he said the two words that quicken the pulse of any parent: swine flu. He was right. There were kids in mini surgical masks everywhere. Seats were a premium so I had him scope out the most secluded spot he could find to prevent cross contamination. I don’t think a single kid actually got their vomit into the container they were given but did see it hit the floor, chairs, clothes, etc. It will be a miracle if we don’t get it. Once we got to a room, I scoped out the antibacterial hand stuff and tried to bathe Mason in it. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed. Anywho…

After waiting for about an hour, it was our turn. The mean x-ray tech lady made Mason scream in a way that I can only describe as primal. Poor boy. It was literally torture. Here’s what we found out:

Mason's X-ray

Not his ankle at all. He broke his left tibia. He was lucky that it didn’t need to be reset. Now our boy is the lucky owner of a camo cast from his hip to his toes. They escorted us out a backdoor since Mason was only wearing his Wolverine undies and t-shirt. He’s still in alot of pain, but everyone says that is only for the first few days until the bone starts to heal. I sure hope so.

Tuesday is his first appointment with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. He’ll be monitoring his healing. I feel lucky that the doctor is actually a friend from church. I’m hoping that will help Mason relax some.

Pray for my boy. He’s sad.


3 responses to “Poor Mason”

  1. Oh my goodness! Poor Mason, that is quite the break. Unfortunately Tim sees so many of these things with kids all the time. Kids are crazy! Good luck with the cast.

  2. Ouch! I feel so bad for the poor guy! Hope he’s feeling better, and that you guys don’t get “the flu”.

  3. Mason is a real man. He has endured something beyond pain, just like his grandfathers and dad!

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