Christmas 2009

The kids were so excited for Christmas to come. They were too cute getting everything ready for Santa.

Santa's treats
(Dear Santa, We hope you are safe and… we wish you a Merry Christmas. Love, Corinne Mason and Ethan)

We were so busy opening presents on Christmas morning, that we didn’t get a single picture! It wasn’t until after the chaos was over that we realized our mistake. We did get some video, though. Thank goodness! There weren’t any blood relatives in town, so we had the closest thing to it–THE MORANS–over for dinner with Misti’s parents. It was a delicious meal. The kids had fun playing with their new toys.

Christmas Dinner

Papa Tom and Abuelita came to town later in the weekend with the Woolfs so we were sure to get some pictures then.

Opening Presents

Opening Presents

Mason was feeling the love!

Christmas Smooches

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


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  1. Are those two under mistletoe? I don’t feel so bad about neglecting my blog now! But I will not go back and update on Christmas. You are a better woman (blogger) than me!

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