Mason’s One Month Anniversary

One month ago today, Mason broke his leg. He has been a trooper through the whole thing. It has made me be a better mom. Lots more one-on-one time and patience. We have a new routine to our day. He spent alot of time at the beginning on his bum doing various things.

How to pass the time...

Poor buddy

Then he got more mobile in his chair that Dr. Shelley gave us to use. We go for lots of walks. Sometimes he asks me to run so that he can feel like he is running, too. I’ve teared up more than once at that request. I’ll need to scrub the wheels before giving it back due to all the cherries stuck in the grooves.


Once he got more comfortable, there was no stopping him. He goes to preschool almost every day and participates in anything we are doing.

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009

Just today he scooted all the way from the toy room in the back of the house, through the main hallway, and up the stairs to the loft where I was working on this post. I am so proud of him! This is the first time he has moved indepently!

Tomorrow morning he will get a new cast. His current cast is bent 90 degrees. The next one will be either straight or almost straight and will allow him to walk. I’ll need to find him a walker and retire the wheelchair. He is terrified. Keep your fingers crossed and send up a prayer tomorrow morning for my brave little boy!


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  1. He is amazing! The visual of him scooting all the way up the stairs makes me teary-eyed! Prayers have been offered daily! Love you, Mason!! You are a brave boy!!!

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