Month: December 2007

  • Silence is Golden

    I love silence. I don’t get it very often. However, this year for Christmas, the kids are going on an extended trip to both sets of grandparents’ houses. My parents (bless them) drove 3 hours to Columbus this morning and spent the day with us opening gifts and just hanging out. I packed the kids’ […]

  • Christmas Wishes

    The kids are finally starting to relax six hours after opening presents. We had a fun Christmas Eve last night. Tony and I decided to do egg rolls with steak stir fry for our dinner. Perhaps a tradition is born… Afterwards, we started a fire and turned off all the lights. Each of us took […]

  • They grow up so fast!

    One of Tony’s favorite milestones is when the kids have started holding their own bottle. Ethan doesn’t get a bottle too often, but the kids are thrilled when he does. They take turns holding the bottle for him. Now they love to see Ethan hold it himself. He can’t do it until it’s almost empty […]

  • Once there was a snowman…

    The weather here has been really crazy. It goes from feeling like fall to the freezing cold chill of winter. I think we’ve already had more snow this year than we had all of last year combined. Anyway, it dumps snow then melts within a few days when things warm up again. The kids have […]

  • Two littles monkeys sleeping in a bed…

    From the look at some of these pictures that title could end, “One fell off and broke his head.” Mason has taken to climbing into Corinne’s bed after she has fallen asleep and dozing off himself. I move him back to his own bed before I head to sleep. Whenever I get up to feed […]

  • 4 month stats

    So my baby is chicken legged no more. I know you’ve seen the photos from this month and noticed the rolls. Thank goodness. When we got to Ethan’s appointment today, the nurse said there was a note in the chart to watch his weight. She asked if we had the right kid! His height and […]

  • Ethan’s 4 month pictures

    Ethan is getting to be so grown up. He loves to roll over onto his belly. He does it as soon as he hits any surface. It scared me the first few nights to have him sleep like that, but he seems to sleep better that way. Yipee for me! The kids think it’s great […]

  • Jesus prefers white milk

    Mason is addicted to chocolate milk. In the 2.5 years of his life, I have never known him to drink white. I blame his father. Anyway, I’ve been trying to convince him to try white milk. Corinne is soaking up all my words and (always the people pleaser) says real big sister-like, “I LOVE white […]

  • Hidden talent

    The kids are always getting a hold of the camera and taking pictures. When I downloaded the pictures, I found these:   Not sure who took them. I think I’ll call the series ‘A View from the Kitchen Desk.’ The extreme close-up of the air vent is actually rather abstract looking. Someone might hang […]