They grow up so fast!

One of Tony’s favorite milestones is when the kids have started holding their own bottle. Ethan doesn’t get a bottle too often, but the kids are thrilled when he does. They take turns holding the bottle for him. Now they love to see Ethan hold it himself. He can’t do it until it’s almost empty so it suits everyone. The older two take turns holding it until it gets light enough for him to hold himself. Here’s some pictures Corinne asked me to take. She lays his burp cloth across his belly like it’s a lobster bib.

Ethan's independence

Ethan's growing up

It’s a mixture of emotions watching Ethan master so many tricks. I enjoy watching him learn new things and get excited about him getting big. However, sometimes it feels like he is growing up faster than I wanted! He rolls all over the room, he laughs, he’s sleeping in longer chunks of time… Sigh.


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