Christmas Wishes

The kids are finally starting to relax six hours after opening presents. We had a fun Christmas Eve last night. Tony and I decided to do egg rolls with steak stir fry for our dinner. Perhaps a tradition is born… Afterwards, we started a fire and turned off all the lights. Each of us took turns picking out a Christmas carol to sing. Then we had hot chocolate and some of Santa’s cookies before putting on our Christmas pjs and heading to bed. The kids slept in fairly late (around 7:00), and the festivities began. Mason was really into it this year, and of course Corinne was more than ready to “rip” her presents. Now Mason is taking a bath with his new bubble bath, and Corinne is watching a “Jesus movie since today is about Jesus.” She said she wants her heart to grow. Ethan’s been happy today. I think it has to do with the kids being distracted by their loot and leaving him alone. Here some highlights:

Christmas pjs by the tree

Hamming it up

Corinne is an aspiring chef and Mason is a wannabe. Here they are in their new duds and Corinne’s new purple spatula.

Corinne and Mason

The favorite toy of the year is Marble Race from Grandma Ann and Papa Bill. It has my vote since it entertains them for such a long time!

Now comes the turkey. Bring it on!

Merry Christmas!

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