Silence is Golden

I love silence. I don’t get it very often. However, this year for Christmas, the kids are going on an extended trip to both sets of grandparents’ houses. My parents (bless them) drove 3 hours to Columbus this morning and spent the day with us opening gifts and just hanging out. I packed the kids’ suitcase, and they practically ran out the door this evening. Mason was heard multiple times throughout the day on his toy cellphone telling the caller that he was going to Papa Bill’s house to ride his bike. Corinne had her shoes and coat on and sat waiting by the front door for everyone else to get ready. Goodbye kisses for Tony and I were an after-thought. They will stay with my folks out in the country until New Year’s Day when Tony’s parents will go pick them up for part two of their vacation. The spoiling will continue in full swing in Cleveland. Ethan is smiling from ear to ear already due to all the extra attention. I’m dizzy with possibilities: a bubble bath, a library full of books, television shows/movies that aren’t kid friendly, eating a meal without anyone mooching a bite… Sigh. I know I’ll miss them eventually, but for now, I am at peace.


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