Jesus prefers white milk

Mason is addicted to chocolate milk. In the 2.5 years of his life, I have never known him to drink white. I blame his father. Anyway, I’ve been trying to convince him to try white milk. Corinne is soaking up all my words and (always the people pleaser) says real big sister-like, “I LOVE white milk, Mom.” So this morning at breakfast, I asked them what they wanted to drink with their waffles. Mason of course said chocolate milk, and Corinne said white. After breakfast, Corinne said, “Jesus spoke to me in my heart and said that he likes white milk more.” There you have it! I doubt it will help me convert Mason, though. He’s pretty stuck on chocolate.


2 responses to “Jesus prefers white milk”

  1. Chocolate milk,…soooo soothing to the soul! Unfortunately sooo fattening to the body!

    WE CONFESS!Guilty, guilty,guilty! Papa Tom and Abuelita are the culprits…okay, okay I, Abuelita working alone, did encourage our unsuspecting grandson to partake of this yummy drink! What can I say it’s very good!

    With that said….I am grateful for goodly parents that are raising our grandchildren inspite of this grandma…teaching them that God and Jesus do love them and will help them make right choices! I do not doubt that Jesus did speak to Corinne! With such a tender heart as hers that the spirit can be felt, even heard, at a young age!

    Thank you for being great parents! 🙂 Love Abuelita

  2. Howdy, I am sure that chocalate milk will soon be replaced with dads rootbeer! 🙂 Now seriously, in my heart Corrine, Mason and Ethan will never do anything wrong. No doubt Masons love of chocalate milk will soon pass, we might just have to fake him out from time to time with something else. I’ll confer with Papa Bill and between the 2 of us we’ll find a fascinating discovery !

    with love from the tractor loving papa tom

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