Two littles monkeys sleeping in a bed…

From the look at some of these pictures that title could end, “One fell off and broke his head.” Mason has taken to climbing into Corinne’s bed after she has fallen asleep and dozing off himself. I move him back to his own bed before I head to sleep. Whenever I get up to feed Ethan during the night, I check in on the kids. Numerous times, the little rascal has woken up and gotten back into Corinne’s bed. Thank heavens she sleeps like a log! Tony and I have started bribing him with ice cream if he actually makes it an entire night without getting into her bed. It sure makes for cute pictures though. Check them out:

Bedtime buddies

Bedtime buddies

Bedtime buddies

They are such good friends while they are asleep…


One response to “Two littles monkeys sleeping in a bed…”

  1. That’s great. I love the one w/ Mason’s leg off the side of the bed. This is reminding that when Aive was a baby, Eli used to climb into her crib and steal her pacifier out of her mouth and suck on it as he fell asleep next to her.

    Kids are cute, huh?

    PS I’m a closet Greta blog reader 🙂

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