Ethan’s First Dental Appointment

You all know how crazy I am for the dentist. Dental hygiene is my calling in life! I’m good at it. Naturally, I want the kids to enjoy going. When Ethan turned 3 last summer, I was a bit skeptical that it would be a good experience so I waited until early fall.

The chair just swallowed him up. He’s so little!
Ethan's first dental visit

The sunglasses were a hit!
Ethan's first dental visit

I still go to the office I worked for during the majority of my career to date. They are like family to me and my kids and right around the corner. Ethan wasn’t so sure when my friend came in to clean his teeth. He wouldn’t take his eyes off her in case she decided to try something…
Ethan's first dental visit

…but he did great! No cavities!


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