Month: November 2008

  • So Big

    My kids are growing up. Sometimes I don’t realize how quickly. Tony is out of town this week. Ethan has learned a few new words and tricks, Corinne had her first Parent/Teacher Conference, and Mason was accepted into the preschool we had our hopes set on. He’s not here to experience it with us. It […]

  • Birthday Party Season

    Forget Christmas. It’s not sucking me dry. It’s these blasted birthday parties. Corinne is getting more friends now that she is in kindergarten and Daisy Scouts. We’ve already had 3 different parties, one with twins! Theirs was the coolest. It was at a fitness club. The kids rock climbed and swam in the pool. Then […]

  • A Day in the Life of Me

    Really, I have a good life. No…a GREAT life. I have a wonderful husband and three kids that revolve their lives around me. I am here to give you a glimpse. My awesome sister-in-law Stephanie introduced me to Jazzercise. Cheesy but wonderful. I go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to the 6 AM session. Before the […]

  • Apple Festival 2008

    Every September, my small hometown has its annual Apple Festival. The kids really enjoy it. Who am I kidding? So do I! We headed up again this year. Tony’s family has joined in the tradition. They stay in a hotel not too far away (my town has no hotels). The kids enjoyed swimming in their […]

  • Halloween 2008

    The Rice Family begins the festivities by searching out a pumpkin to carve. We wait until the following Monday to carve them for Family Home Evening. The kids draw their own faces and then we carve it for them. I thought they turned out great. The kids would eat by jack-o-lantern light often. Mason loved […]

  • A Rainy Day

    Not much rain this year in Columbus. However, one of the few days that we actually made it to the zoo this year, there was a torrential downpour. I kid you not. Luckily, we were inside a playhouse that encourages recycling and being good to the earth. There are recycling games and different types of […]