Birthday Party Season

Forget Christmas. It’s not sucking me dry. It’s these blasted birthday parties. Corinne is getting more friends now that she is in kindergarten and Daisy Scouts. We’ve already had 3 different parties, one with twins! Theirs was the coolest. It was at a fitness club. The kids rock climbed and swam in the pool. Then they had pizza and cake. Check out Corinne taking after her Uncle Lance:

Reach for the stars

That's my girl!

Here’s the twins:
The twins take flight

The kids were all so entertained even if it wasn’t their turn.
Watching in wonder

The second party was a cupcake factory party. They decorated their own apron then made a cupcake to eat. Next, they made 4 cupcakes to take home in a cool container. The party this past weekend was at a kids’ gym. Corinne got to climb on stuff and swing on bars. She is having a blast. I just keep watching the ads for good sales.


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