Halloween 2008

The Rice Family begins the festivities by searching out a pumpkin to carve.

An armload

Which do I pick...

We wait until the following Monday to carve them for Family Home Evening. The kids draw their own faces and then we carve it for them.

Never misses a chance to pose

Corinne's final design

Drawing his design

Mason's pattern

I thought they turned out great. The kids would eat by jack-o-lantern light often. Mason loved blowing out the candle and watching smoke come out the eyes.


Next came Beggars’ Night. It is held annually the night before Halloween. Here is the family all dressed up and ready to go searching out some candy. Corinne decided to be a witch, Mason was a skeleton for the church party so he wanted to be a cowboy for trick-or-treat, and Ethan wore Superman. I was talked into dressing up by Corinne since I walked around with them.

Halloween 2008

Lastly was Corinne’s party at school on Halloween. She was Snow White. She was so excited to get to ride the bus dressed up. Mason came along with me to help out at the party.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party

I LOVE Halloween! It is one of my favorites. I’m already looking forward to next year when Ethan will enjoy it more.


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  1. Corinne’s witch costume is awesome!! We got pumpkins this year and never carved them. This October went by too fast, I think.

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