A Day in the Life of Me

Really, I have a good life. No…a GREAT life. I have a wonderful husband and three kids that revolve their lives around me. I am here to give you a glimpse.

My awesome sister-in-law Stephanie introduced me to Jazzercise. Cheesy but wonderful. I go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to the 6 AM session. Before the time change, I would get home before the kids were awake. Now, they are usually all laying in our bed watching cartoons when I get home. Hopefully they will adjust back to normal. You may ask yourself, “How/Why do you get up so early willingly to dance and jump around for an hour?” This is why:

Look at that unattractive underarm I have going in this picture. Gross.
Apple Festival 2008

Also, it has really impacted the kids. They (mostly Corinne–who I am hoping to encourage more than my hyperactive boys) are always wanting me to exercise with them and show them my “moves.”
One and two and one and two...

After my shower, I feed the kids. Bath day? Then we have pancakes or waffles for breakfast. That way I don’t get all freaked out about sticky syrup. Not a bath day? Toast, cereal, oatmeal, etc. This is what I contend with while trying to cook.

My view looking down.

The boy wakes up ravenous! He can’t get breakfast fast enough. He has been know to pull on my pants so hard that they come off! Good thing we don’t have company for breakfast that often.

Then the munchkins play. This is the time that I run hectic through the house trying to do laundry, clean the bathrooms, vacuum while no one is napping, check my email, make phone calls, etc. Sounds like I’m fairly productive, but I have to take so many breaks to solve dilemnas like:

Corinne: You’re mean, Mason, and have hurt my feelings!
Mason: Na-na-na-boo-boo!
Corinne: Stop bossing me, MASON!
Mason: Stop bossing me, MASON!

and so on, and so on. Occasionally it goes more like this:

Corinne: Mason, would you like to play a game with me?
Mason: Sure!
Corinne: Okay, let’s go downstairs and play with Barbies!
Mason: Okay, but I get the rockstar one this time.
Corinne: That’s fine. I like sharing my Barbies with you.
Mason: Thanks! I like playing with you, too!

Where is Ethan while all this drama is occurring? Right here:

You should see the view from up here.

Late morning, Ethan goes down for a nap that I hope spans multiple hours. I get the kids lunch and Corinne off to school. The afternoons are spent with the boys. Sometimes we read books, play blocks, or go to a playground. I am trying to start quiet time in the afternoon before Corinne gets home from school. Usually neither of them fall asleep (sometimes I do), but I just think we all need a break from each other.

When Corinne gets home from school, it’s time for a snack and movie while I start dinner. I envision Tony rushing home to his family eager to help his wife care for his offspring and to eat a splendidly prepared feast.

After dinner, it’s hang out with the family time. We play the Wii or Xbox, play with toys, go for a walk, etc. The much beloved 7 o’clock hour comes. Time for picking up toys and getting ready for bed. The kids go down much easier with the time change. There are still a few “If you come out of your room one more time…” and “That does not count as an emergency now get back in your bed!” warnings, but they wouldn’t be kids if there weren’t.

Now it is my time. I waste it by watching television shows with no value and eating Halloween candy by the fistful. Most nights I think while trying to drift off to sleep that I should have spent my time more wisely. Then I remember that it is MY time, and I like mindless television shows.


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  1. Ahhhh 7 o’clock. What would I do without it???? I like mindless T.V. too. Now youve got me dreaming of 7 o-clock and it’s only 10 am!!!! hmmmm

  2. You are too cute. I can’t believe how big your kids are getting. Looks like you guys are having a great time. You have inspired me to post a day and a life of me…but maybe I should wait until I have some more productive days!

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