So Big

My kids are growing up. Sometimes I don’t realize how quickly. Tony is out of town this week. Ethan has learned a few new words and tricks, Corinne had her first Parent/Teacher Conference, and Mason was accepted into the preschool we had our hopes set on. He’s not here to experience it with us. It got me thinking about how much I take the day-to-day things for granted.

Mason loves Tony. He was so excited when his dad explained that he would be gone, and Mason would be the man of the house. Mason wants to be big. I loved watching him help Tony cut down a tree on the side of the house this summer. He mimiced everything Tony did.
Future Lumberjack

Then there’s Corinne. She really wanted to go camping this year, but it never worked out. Tony got the idea to set up the tent in the basement for the kids to play in. They slept in it for several nights in a row. Sometimes even alone! Now our basement is no dungeon, but it shocked me that they would willingly sleep down there without . They are brave little cuties!
Tent dreaming

Now Ethan. While he is growing and changing the fastest, he still takes steps backwards occasionally. His palate is developing nicely. However, this little incident with the sidewalk chalk made my teeth ache.
Makes my teeth shiver

I love my kids. I’m excited for them to get to see Tony again and tell them all about what they did this week.


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