A Rainy Day

Not much rain this year in Columbus. However, one of the few days that we actually made it to the zoo this year, there was a torrential downpour. I kid you not. Luckily, we were inside a playhouse that encourages recycling and being good to the earth. There are recycling games and different types of nature scenes to climb in/on. The kids had fun playing in there for awhile but then started getting crazy being couped up. I think they workers were tired of us being in there, too. I got some pictures before we bolted out into the rain.

Corinne and Mason peeking out of the mole hole
My little animals

Good doggy!
Good boy!

Resting for a moment
Honk, honk, ashoo

The rain did finally stop. We headed to the play place to release some energy and got a picture as frogs near the gates. Then we were outta there.

Yeah for me!

Ribbit!  I mean:  Cheese!

Zoo memberships are one of God’s gifts to mothers.


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