Month: January 2008

  • The Goose Girl

    What a great book! I stayed up until after midnight last night reading it. I would have stayed up until I finished it, but I got ordered to sleep by Tony. I had to squeeze in bits here and there today until I finally finished it. I took it with me to read while I […]


    My well-intentioned, wonderful husband bought me a book last Christmas entitled ‘Getting Things Done.’ I (who show signs of OCD) was a bit taken aback by this and, therefore, boycotted the book. This Christmas, he read it and asked me to do the same. He said that he wanted to incorporate some of the tactics […]

  • Wii love it!

    Tony asked for a Wii for Christmas, and Santa delivered! He was pretty stoked. Come to find out that he can’t get any play time because the kiddos are hogging it for themselves. We were worried the first few times that they weren’t going to be able to get the hang of it, but they […]

  • Mothers of the world…UNITE!

    Okay. I have a question. Anybody out there that reads this have a cake pan for the cake that is shaped like a doll’s dress? You know the one I mean. If you have it, email me! Corinne has decided (for the time being) that this is the cake she wants for her birthday this […]

  • What is UP with people?

    I just have to vent. If you aren’t wanting to listen to me whine and be extremely negative, just skip reading this post. What do the words “Customer Service” bring to mind? Maybe somebody who gets PAID to be of SERVICE to a CUSTOMER. Someone who has your best interests in mind and will do […]

  • Don’t blow all your bubbles in one place

    Why isn’t this a saying that we are brought up learning? Haven’t we all seen on television what happens when you add too much soap to a laundry machine? Well my kids dumped (I’m NOT exaggerating) an entire bottle of bubble bath into the tub. I think they know that when Ethan cries, and I […]

  • Trip to Hartford

    My parents took the older kids home after coming to visit at Christmas. Mom sent me a CD with some pictures. Here’s a few that I really liked: Mason loves this clock. It strikes at the top of every hour and each 15 minutes. He loves to count the number of strikes. Corinne loves playing […]

  • Deep Thoughts by Corinne Rice

    On Saturday night, Corinne had a dream that Grandma Ann died (sorry, mom), and Corinne got to be the one to hold her hand as her spirit floated to heaven. She woke up in a panic that Grandma Ann was indeed dead. Tony comforted her. Corinne said a prayer and went back to sleep. Next […]

  • A Work in Progress

    I have taken all accessories out of the living room. I decided it looks better empty than with the items I was trying to pass off as stylish. Man, what was I thinking on some of this stuff! After painting, it’s always painful to put a nail hole in the wall anyway so I’m taking […]

  • New Year’s Resolutions

    So everyone is posting their resolutions. I guess I’ve never really gotten into doing this much in the past. When I got to thinking about it, I thought of a few things I would like to work on: 1. More patience with the kids. Sometimes I get upset too quickly. 2. Play with the kids […]