Deep Thoughts by Corinne Rice

On Saturday night, Corinne had a dream that Grandma Ann died (sorry, mom), and Corinne got to be the one to hold her hand as her spirit floated to heaven. She woke up in a panic that Grandma Ann was indeed dead. Tony comforted her. Corinne said a prayer and went back to sleep. Next comes Sunday morning. We have switched to the 9 o’clock slot which makes for a chaotic morning. Tony has to go in early for meetings and isn’t home to help get the troops out the door on time. I was trying to hurry the kids through breakfast (which is IMPOSSIBLE) when Corinne started asking me questions of the universe. How do you explain the plan of salvation to a 4 year old? I had to figure it out because she wouldn’t take a bite until all of her curiousities were answered. Sharing time was the elders having kids act out the plan of salvation. It helped drive home the point. Boy. She had me thinking on my toes!


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