A Work in Progress

I have taken all accessories out of the living room. I decided it looks better empty than with the items I was trying to pass off as stylish. Man, what was I thinking on some of this stuff! After painting, it’s always painful to put a nail hole in the wall anyway so I’m taking time to find things I really like before I start going crazy trying to fill wall space for the sake of not looking like an apartment.

These are the lamps Tony and I got when we were married. I wasn’t used to the lack of overhead lighting and bought these in a pinch. Should have looked around a little more. I have decided it is time to retire them. I ordered some new ones that will arrive in the next two weeks.


The drapes that we have are original to our house. I had to hang them back up for the sake of privacy, but they are painful to look at. Most friends have said they don’t even remember what they look like so they must not be too bad. Let me refresh your memory:

Living room paint before

In case the picture is lacking in clarity, they are a butter yellow with a stitching pattern throughout. While they are good for privacy and blocking the sun, they are not good for much else. I’m looking for something modern looking maybe in black and white pattern but haven’t found them yet. Isn’t it the worst when you have the image in your head but can’t find it in real life? Ugh!

Then there is The Great Wall:

Finished living room paint

What do you do with that kind of vertical space?! I’m thinking maybe a big iron scroll thingy (not really up to speed on home decorating terms) or oversized black frames with white matting that have pictures of the munchkins. Gotta see what strikes me. Anyway, the possibilities are endless. I’m just excited to finally be doing something about it instead of just complaining about it.

I have even sacrificed the entryway decor to the Bad Home decorating Gods. I’m hoping to find a unique looking mirror to hang above the table or some type of wall hanging. Not really sure yet. The rug doesn’t really match the look I’m going for either, but it is going to have to do for awhile. It’s pretty low on my list of things to replace. I’ve definitely got the decorating bug.

Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!


3 responses to “A Work in Progress”

  1. Yes… IKEA is what you need. GOOD LUCK. Our house is also in desperate need of the decorating fairy, but she hasn’t shown up yet. Be sure to let us see the final product.

  2. Greta did they start carry the lamps that you wanted again or did you find them somewhere else? That’s awesome! You must be so excited!

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