What is UP with people?

I just have to vent. If you aren’t wanting to listen to me whine and be extremely negative, just skip reading this post.

What do the words “Customer Service” bring to mind? Maybe somebody who gets PAID to be of SERVICE to a CUSTOMER. Someone who has your best interests in mind and will do what they can to help you. Those of you that follow my site know that I am really excited to be redecorating the living room. I searched all over the internet to find lamps that i liked, waited for them to become available (they were sold out–I watched the site for WEEKS), ordered them with some of my hard-earned Christmas money, and waited for them to arrive. Well, one lamp came yesterday. I assumed the other was on it’s way. Today I find out that they are out of stock and will be refunding my money. Ugh! I am so sad! The people were extremely rude. Even the manager that I requested (after having one of the people on the bottom of the todum pole tell me that it “wasn’t their problem there won’t be two lamps”) was out of line. Finally I got someone that had a heart and went to bat for me. Why can’t people just be a little nicer? Now I’m not sure what I’ll do. I COULD wait until they restock and order another one, but I don’t want those crazy loons to have any more of my moolah! I guess it would have been too matchy-matchy to have the same lamp. Maybe now I’ll get an end table to hold the remotes and put a cool table lamp on it. I need to remember that at least I got the last one. Too bad I ordered TWO. Anyway…

Thanks for listening.


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