Mothers of the world…UNITE!

Okay. I have a question. Anybody out there that reads this have a cake pan for the cake that is shaped like a doll’s dress? You know the one I mean. If you have it, email me! Corinne has decided (for the time being) that this is the cake she wants for her birthday this year. However, she may change her mind. If she does actually follow through, I know I’ll only use it once so I have a hard time buying it. Anywho…let me know. Thanks!


2 responses to “Mothers of the world…UNITE!”

  1. I have made these a few times and I just have a glass bowl (Pampered Chef??) that does the trick!! Maybe if you can find a bowl the shape you want, you will be in luck. It doesn’t do the lovely ruffle thingy at the bottle, but we managed to make Ariel and Cinderella out of the bowl!

  2. So Corinne changed her mind. Boy, am I glad I didn’t buy the pan now! She says she wants a castle cake. We’ll see how many times it changes before the actual day gets here…

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