Corinne has been bugging us to take her bowling for a long time. We got a coupon in the mail for one free game for up to 10 people, and the wish came true. Mason enjoyed himself, too. I was a smidge worried about him putting on the bowling shoes, but he actually loved them and cried when it was time to take them off. Ethan slept through most of it but was concerned when he woke up to the crashing of the pins.

Bowling Bowling Bowling

Corinne discovered that the bowling shoes and the floor made for a perfect dancing opportunity.

Bowling Bowling Bowling

Unfortunately, bowling has become rather expensive. If we hadn’t had the coupon, our hour of fun would have set us back over $40. They gave us coupons for more free games on the way out. We may just do it again!


3 responses to “Bowling”

  1. Greta – Love your blog! I can’t believe how much Ethan has changed! He is adoreable as are our other two “babies”! I love the pictures of Corinne and Mason in their costumes and bowling! Trick or Treating and bowling that’s my kind of living! We would love to see them in action …to experience bowling through their eyes!You made my day! Love Abuelita

  2. Greta – love the blog! G is for Greta and C is for CUTE kids!!! We love bowling too, went twice this weekend. Miss you guys!

  3. Hi Tony and Greta We love the pictures and stories about your kids. This is a great way to get to know your family from far away. Keep ’em coming.

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