Happy Birthday, Abba-ita!

If you know my kids, you can hear them singing the title as you read it. Today is a holiday in our house because it is Tony’s mom’s birthday, and she is our hero. (I have not, however, committed her birthday to memory and, therefore, am embarrassed we didn’t do more than this post.) Let us count the ways we love her:

1. Abuelita is always there when we’ve needed her and even when we don’t. She loves to come see the kids whether I need her to watch them while I work or just because she missed them too much to stay away. I love that she loves my kids so much!

 2. I think, besides Tony and I or hospital staff, she is the one that has held my babies first. She and Papa Tom rush to Columbus (a 2 hour drive) as soon as they get word that we are headed to the hospital. Now that is love! Then she stays at the house for days on end to take care of me and my family. She even cleaned my oven! Isn’t she great?

3. Abuelita gets up with the kids when she is here to visit so that I can sleep in. That is the best! I hardly ever get to sleep in so it really means the world to me.

 4. As mentioned in the #2 reason in reference to the oven cleaning, she is as much of a neat freak as me! She is wonderful enough to bring her own towels when she visits so I won’t have to launder any and strips her bed before she leaves. My house is cleaner after she leaves than it was when she got here. I feel bad that she works harder as my houseguest than I work as her hostess. She is amazing! I took a nap once while she was visiting (which is great in and of itself). When I woke up, the laundry was done and folded and the microwave had been cleaned. Need I say more?

Actually, I could say lots more, but it would all add up to the many ways and reasons we love Abuelita. She is the best mother-in-law I could have ever dreamed of. She is the most loving grandma for my kids. That’s why we hope today is a great day for her! We love you!


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  1. Thank you for making my birthday so special! I loved my cute birthday “cards” from the kids too!

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