Month: July 2008

  • Happy Birthday, dear Ethan!

    I can’t believe that today is Ethan’s first birthday. I cried last night after putting him down for the night. Then when I got up this morning to go workout, I realized that it was the same time that I got up with labor pains. Sigh. I’m sad to be losing my baby. With the […]

  • Home Sweet Home

    We have survived. We are home safe and sound. The kids are still a bit wild but are calming down. I have SO many posts to do that I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to them all. I never posted Ethan’s 11 month pictures, and he turns 1 on Wednesday. Then there is the […]

  • Journey to Utah

    This is the place. I flew to Utah yesterday with my parents and the kids. Tony is at home enjoying freedom for the next 10 days. Things went smoothly. As smooth as they can go with 3 kids under the age of 5. Here were a few noteworthy quotes: “My belly is tickling!” -Mason, his […]

  • So we are sitting around the dinner table tonight…

    …and Corinne says, “I’m tired of being a kid. I really want to be a mom.” Tony and I smiled at each other with affection thinking what a wonderful daughter we have. Out of curiousity, Tony asks, “Why are you so anxious to be a mom, Corinne?” to which she replies, “Cause I want to […]

  • A Memorial: Mae Rice

    We got word this morning that Tony’s gradmother passed away. Tony isn’t really a crier so I’ve been crying his share of tears. Grandma was a lady who spoke her mind and didn’t worry if her hair was sticking up, and I loved her for it. Corinne was her first great-grandchild so we honored her […]

  • Ethan the Conquerer

    For a change of pace, I brought Corinne’s castle up from the basement. It gave the kids somewhere to play and hide. Ethan, however, tested his warrior skills by repeatedly leveling the castle. If he had been born in another time, this is how he would have crushed his enemy’s castle: First, find a way […]

  • I’m not sick in bed…

    Tony just downloaded a new version of the program I use to write my posts. I haven’t figured it out yet and keep forgetting to have him show me how to do it. (Hint, hint, Tony!) The kids are as adorable as ever. Ethan turned 11 months on Monday and prefers walking as his mode […]