Journey to Utah

This is the place. I flew to Utah yesterday with my parents and the kids. Tony is at home enjoying freedom for the next 10 days. Things went smoothly. As smooth as they can go with 3 kids under the age of 5. Here were a few noteworthy quotes:

“My belly is tickling!”
-Mason, his first takeoff
(I was just glad his didn’t toss his cookies.)

“Are they speaking Chicagoan?”
-Corinne, hearing people speak Spanish in the Chicago O’Hare Airport
(Guess she thought that 45 minute flight took us to another country.)

“That is the biggest mountain in the world!”
-Corinne, seeing mountains for the first time that she can remember
(Wonder what she’d think if she saw Mt. Everest?)

-Mason, getting attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets at the park
(Only 2 bites. Lucky kid. It was pretty freaky.)

Gotta go start the day. I’m sure there are plenty more things for the kids to discover today.


ps–how do you explain time zones to kids? they don’t get it why everyone else is sleeping, not hungry yet, etc.

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  1. Glad your flight went well….I bet Mason loved the plane ride……But, I am so sad to hear of his “attack”! I can imagine the expression of wonderment on Corinne’s as she saw the mountains! Have fun! Love Abuelita

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