Happy Birthday, dear Ethan!

I can’t believe that today is Ethan’s first birthday. I cried last night after putting him down for the night. Then when I got up this morning to go workout, I realized that it was the same time that I got up with labor pains. Sigh. I’m sad to be losing my baby. With the other two, I was excited for their first birthdays. For some reason, I am taking Ethan’s really hard. Perhaps it is because I think he might be my last child. I hate crying. I’m doing it again. Better close with this link to some pictures of his special day. I’ll post 12 month pictures when I’m more stable.


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  1. Happy Birthday, baby “Effan”!

    To our Birthday boy:

    “A year ago today,
    Began your life on earth;
    Your arrival came so quickly,
    That it took mommy’s breathe away.

    Mommy drew you to her bosom,
    Whispering words of love for you;

    “Hello, my little man,” she said while holding you so tight,
    “Welcome to our family – I’m mommy and this is daddy.
    “You have a sister and your brother who long to hold you with all their little might.
    “To kiss your toes, your little hands, and pinch your little cheeks.”

    You looked into your mommy’s eyes and though you didn’t smile,
    You wanted her to know,
    That the moment you saw her,
    Your love for her did grow.

    The tears that fell that day,
    Were tears of joy and love;
    For a little boy so precious,
    That was sent from up above.

    So as we celebrate your first year,
    We give thanks for all your love –
    That you’ve shown to us, your family;
    With your kisses and your hugs.

    Oh, Ethan dear, this year flew by;
    And now you are one year,
    But in our hearts we’ll always cherish the moment your appeared.

    Love Abuelita

  2. It is pretty crazy to see him growing up so fast. Hard to believe we were welcoming little Ethan into the world (and you were yelling at the nurses).

    Just kidding. You did great.

  3. I hope his cuteness convinces you guys to have just ONE more…think how cute a 4th little Rice-a-roni will be ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Happy Birthday little man! We are so lucky to have been able to see him three times in his first year and Marisa is extra lucky to have a cousin so close to her in age.

  5. Happy birthday to your not so little baby. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love new family in the hospital pictures.

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