I’m not sick in bed…

Tony just downloaded a new version of the program I use to write my posts. I haven’t figured it out yet and keep forgetting to have him show me how to do it. (Hint, hint, Tony!)

The kids are as adorable as ever. Ethan turned 11 months on Monday and prefers walking as his mode of transportation. His top two teeth are sssooooo close to cutting through. I’ll post some pictures soon. The older two have me on Playground Patrol. I keep trying to find different playgrounds to take them to. We’ve been hitting up local elementary schools lately. We also purchased our cheap-o blowup pool for the summer. They love splashing around in the freezing cold water from the hose.

My sister-in-law invited me to join her Jazzercise gym. I love it! I want to exercise and like to think I can get my groove on so this combines the two. I am feeling muscles that I haven’t felt for a long time but loving every minute of it.

That about sums things up around here. Enjoy the 4th!


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