Month: June 2008

  • June Trip

    It’s looking like we might have a major trip every month this summer. Fun! This month we spent 10 days at my parents’ house in northeastern Ohio. My brother flew out with his family from Utah. Tony came up for a long weekend but had to get back for work. The kids and I stayed […]

  • Waking up to your worst nightmare

    Poor Tony. The day started out well enough. I heard Ethan talking to himself around quarter after six so I stretched out staying in bed until around 6:30. I got up to take my shower thinking that if Ethan started crying Tony could get him. Well, get him he did. Ethan is known for his […]

  • Summer hair

    That’s what Corinne calls losing your locks to try to handle the heat better. Here’s some before and after pics of the kids: Mason Before (I’ve been working on getting a more natural smile out of him…) Mason After (…but it always comes out like this.) Corinne Before (nerd) Corinne After (See the attitude? She […]

  • Ethan: Up Close and Personal

    The boy just doesn’t understand personal space. I was trying to capture some memories on film but instead was attacked by the Baby Monster. He spots the camera and wonders what his crazy mother is up to. Hmmm… I think I’ll check this out. Grrrr. It’s the camera. I’m gonna get you! Ethan also loves […]

  • Garden 2008

    We plant a garden every year. The tomatoes always grow into trees and the watermelon flops. The weather was chilly on planting morning. Corinne is kicking it. Check her out: Mason loves dirt so planting was right up his alley. I just want the cucumbers to hurry up already. Boy, do I love Cucumber Salad! […]

  • It’s summer vacation!

    Those were Corinne’s words bright and early the day after her pre-k class let out for the year. She was a peer model for Thomas Elementary Special Needs Preschool. She loved it and made some good friends. All the girls were peer models and seemed to stick like glue. Hopefully they will be over during […]

  • Memorial Day

    Tony’s parents came to Columbus Sunday to spend the holiday with us and Steph/James. It was great to be all together and have the kids entertained. Our church has a picnic around lunchtime. Corinne made a Patriotic Cookie Pizza to take for the Dessert Bake-Off. After the picnic, we came home and made the most […]

  • Ethan is 10 months old!

    Ethan is sure a busy body! Our other kids didn’t move this much at Ethan’s age even if we combined their abilites. This boy climbs stairs, climbs into baskets, onto tables and couches, stands up in the middle of the room, and even plays standing up. Tony and I are sure his first steps will […]