Ethan: Up Close and Personal

The boy just doesn’t understand personal space. I was trying to capture some memories on film but instead was attacked by the Baby Monster.

He spots the camera and wonders what his crazy mother is up to.

The many faces of Ethan

Hmmm… I think I’ll check this out.

The many faces of Ethan

Grrrr. It’s the camera.

The many faces of Ethan

I’m gonna get you!

The many faces of Ethan

Ethan also loves the Wii. He crawls up to the TV and hollers at it whenever it is on. We gave him the wheel, and he knew exactly what to do:

Ethan tries MarioKart Wii

Go, Ethan, go!

He’s just too cute for words. Wouldn’t you agree?

Cutie patootie


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