Waking up to your worst nightmare

Poor Tony. The day started out well enough. I heard Ethan talking to himself around quarter after six so I stretched out staying in bed until around 6:30. I got up to take my shower thinking that if Ethan started crying Tony could get him. Well, get him he did. Ethan is known for his morning bowel movement. This morning was no different. When Tony opened the door, the smell greeted him. He said he was bummed out to have to start his day with a dirty diaper. Upon opening the door wider, he saw the scene. Poop. Everywhere. Somehow Ethan had removed both his pants AND his POOPY DIAPER! Not just any poop, either. No, runny poop. It was smeared all over his sheet, the crib, the walls, and even his face. Poor, poor Tony. Needless to say, I jumped out of the shower and gave Ethan a bath while Tony removed the damage. I don’t think the day can get worse. Only better. That’s looking at the glass half full.


2 responses to “Waking up to your worst nightmare”

  1. TADA! Now for my next breath-taking trick…….. Kids, they do the darnest things! I bet Ethan was smiling, when Tony opened the door! Hi dad!!!! love it! Abuelita

  2. My DEEPEST symapthies to both of you!!! I can only imagine. I’ve been lucky enough to never have a child take off his/her own diaper and I hope I never have the pleasure.

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