It’s summer vacation!

Those were Corinne’s words bright and early the day after her pre-k class let out for the year. She was a peer model for Thomas Elementary Special Needs Preschool. She loved it and made some good friends. All the girls were peer models and seemed to stick like glue. Hopefully they will be over during the summer to keep her company. The last day of school was a party at the park across the street from the school. I went and took the boys with me.

Corinne with her twin friends Alexandra and Amara (definite keepers).

Corinne's School Party

Mason hogged out on the snack.

Corinne's School Party

His favorite game was the bubble machine.

Ethan 10 months 056

Corinne has crazy ideas that summer vacation means we do some special trip everyday: zoo, pool, playplace, Graeter’s, etc. I’m afraid she’s going to be disappointed.


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