Ethan is 10 months old!

Ethan is sure a busy body! Our other kids didn’t move this much at Ethan’s age even if we combined their abilites. This boy climbs stairs, climbs into baskets, onto tables and couches, stands up in the middle of the room, and even plays standing up. Tony and I are sure his first steps will be soon in coming. Tony actually works with him on walking. I, however, do not relish in the idea of the boy being more mobile than he already is. He has his two bottom front teeth. His top ones are bulging so much it looks painful. He hurt himself on Sunday and tore his labial frenum (the little piece of tissue that connects your lip to your gums). On Monday, he fell over with his pacifier in his mouth and retore it open. Talk about blood! Sheesh. Here’s his mugs (before his new fat lip):

We start off easily enough.

Ethan 10 months

Then he gets tired of sitting…
(Look at that smirk. He knows he’s doing something that will get a reaction.)

Ethan 10 months

…so he has to stand up.

Ethan 10 months

I picked him up and got him dressed for his next round of photos. He wasn’t happy with me after ruining the fun of rocking the chair standing up. He didn’t really give me any smiles.

Ethan 10 months

He so adorable, though. I just don’t stay mad for long.


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