Month: March 2008

  • Easter Egg-stravaganza 2008

    What an Easter we had this year thanks to our friends and family! We started off with an Easter Egg hunt at the park on Saturday. It was freezing cold that day with drizzle in the air. Yuck. The kids didn’t seem to care. After that (at the same park) was a Duck Parade that […]

  • Mason is 3!

    I know Mason’s birthday was a few weeks ago, but we had to delay the celebration. His actual birthday was during the week so we had his choice of dinner and played at the playplace. Tony’s family came down on Saturday the 22nd to spend the night for Easter. We had planned on having cake […]

  • I’ll Get Cavities!

    Corinne is really competitive lately and wants to win at everything she does. “I got up on my stool first! I win!” “I made my bed the fastest! I win!” etc. Last night the kids were sent upstairs to get their pjs on for bed. Mason had a good headstart and was a ringer to […]

  • Crazy weather

    I’ve been gone for the holiday and never got a chance to post these pictures. Here’s Mason when the blizzard hit: Less than a week later, he was doing this: (FYI–That’s my “new” van in the picture. I got it this fall and LOVE it. Never was much for minivans, but I am converted. Thank […]

  • Between a table and a hard place

    Ethan keeps getting himself stuck. He loves to explore. Sometimes I can’t find him until he starts crying to be rescued. I feel bad running for the camera when he is crying for help. I just can’t help myself. -g.

  • Photos by Mason

    Here’s another edition of Photos by Mason. He must have been feeling an appreciation for his toys. I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t sure if the photographer was Mason or Corinne. The navy pants and socks in the last picture are what gave him away. While we are on the subject of Mason, he […]

  • Ethan’s 7 month pictures

    I know, I know. Ethan will be 8 months old in a mere 11 days, but I never got around to posting these pics. Better late than never. He’s talking alot more now and smacking his lips like he’s blowing a kiss. I caught him mid-kiss in this one. The drool coming from this kid […]

  • Another birthday

    Today Mason turned 3. He was pretty excited. We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, pb & j for lunch, and mac & cheese is on the menu for dinner. After breakfast, we went to the playplace at the mall. The kids had a blast. We are waiting to have cake and open presents on […]

  • Rockstar revisited

    So today Corinne decided she wanted to go with me to get Ethan out of his crib after his nap. He was standing up (one of his new tricks) staring at the door waiting for me. Corinne says, “Mom, he’s standing like a rockstar!” Now, hours later, she is walking around the house with her […]

  • Kids and their Games

    Kids are silly. They come up with lots of games themselves which are always interesting and even, dare I judge, odd. Like right now. Corinne and Mason claim that the bath water is too hot. While they wait for it to cool down, they are “thinking.” Basically pacing back and forth with their hands on […]