Photos by Mason

Here’s another edition of Photos by Mason. He must have been feeling an appreciation for his toys.

Pictures by Mason

Pictures by Mason

Pictures by Mason

Pictures by Mason

I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t sure if the photographer was Mason or Corinne. The navy pants and socks in the last picture are what gave him away.

While we are on the subject of Mason, he recently got another Mickey Mouse hat. He loves these hats. His last one had both ears missing, and he was still wearing it like a beanie. I was trying to get a good picture of him in it and ended up with a string of pictures that document his range of emotions. All of these occurred within seconds of each other.

Normal Mason smile
The ears have returned

Posed Mason smile (his 3 yr pictures are going to be interesting)

And the REAL Mason (pouty, angry, and overall distraught)
The pout we know and sorta love

I love him no matter how crazy he is. The Mickey Mouse hat helps.


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