Kids and their Games

Kids are silly. They come up with lots of games themselves which are always interesting and even, dare I judge, odd. Like right now. Corinne and Mason claim that the bath water is too hot. While they wait for it to cool down, they are “thinking.” Basically pacing back and forth with their hands on their hips. I don’t want to tell you how long this has kept them entertained and how funny they think they are for fear you’ll call for some sort of mental evaluation. As long as they are happy, I’m happy. However, they do love to play hide and seek with anyone, but Daddy especially.

I love when it’s Mason’s turn to count.

Hide and go seek

He keeps his eyes squished up the whole time and can count pretty high for an almost 3 year old.

The hiding places are always the same, but they are good about making it take awhile to find each other and then acting genuinely suprised when they do finally succeed.

Mason picked our closet this time.

Hide and go seek

Corinne was behind our bed.

Hide and go seek

In this game, Tony and Corinne teamed up. Not many places a 6’4″ man can hide in our house. He’s good at improvising.

Hide and go seek

Hide and go seek

Ethan’s game lately is to make new expressions. He’s cute regardless of how sad, angry, happy, etc he looks.


I would have to say, though, that Ethan’s favorite game of all time is “I’m going to rip your face off with my razor-sharp nails.” Poor Corinne was playing with him this particular time.

Take that!

At least they aren’t rotting their brains watching tv all day right? (btw, that was last week during the blizzard. I’m not a supermom.)


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