I’ll Get Cavities!

Corinne is really competitive lately and wants to win at everything she does. “I got up on my stool first! I win!” “I made my bed the fastest! I win!” etc. Last night the kids were sent upstairs to get their pjs on for bed. Mason had a good headstart and was a ringer to win. Corinne put a stop to that by pushing him out of the way. Tony was a witness to the altercation and the subsequent lie that she had not pushed her brother. (Her tall tales are a whole other post some other time. I have to focus for now.) Tony gave her a timeout and told her she was going straight to bed without brushing her teeth. Corinne freaked out! She started crying hysterically and screaming, “I have to brush my teeth! I’ll get cavities! Those aren’t good for you! PLEASE let me brush my teeth!” I was so proud of her. Obviously the pushing and fibbing weren’t good choices, but she won over my heart with that plea for good dental hygiene. I even put my book down and went upstairs to help.


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