Ethan’s 7 month pictures

I know, I know. Ethan will be 8 months old in a mere 11 days, but I never got around to posting these pics. Better late than never.

He’s talking alot more now and smacking his lips like he’s blowing a kiss. I caught him mid-kiss in this one.

Ethan's 7 month pictures

The drool coming from this kid is unreal. His shirt will get satuarated all the way down to the waistline. It’s digusting, but Ethan always looks cute. He keeps chewing on everything (thus this picture with his fingers in his mouth. I couldn’t get one with a smile. Only fingers) but still no teeth.

Ethan's 7 month pictures

This week he started cruising along the coffee table and other furniture. CRAZINESS!!!! The kid is way too mobile. Here I was thinking he was so innocent and cute when he started standing up in his crib.

(note the saliva-soaked shirt)
So big!

New trick

We are in for it, folks.


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  1. Greta, I can’t believe your Ethan and my Kylie are the same age! She is nowhere near cruising around or pulling herself up to stand. He is Super Baby!!! 🙂 He is darling and so are your other kiddies.

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