A Sunny Day

I have heard patients talk about Bunny Hill for years without ever looking into it. BIG mistake! Corinne only had a few days left before school started, and I wanted to go somewhere new. I checked in with someone at the ward to get directions, and we were off! I was told I would know […]


Corinne is loving kindergarten. She has class 5 days a week in the afternoon. They let us as parents pick am or pm but not pick the teacher. I think afternoons are better for her. She can have a lazy morning then get ready for school. Here’s pictures of her first day: She is always […]

Day Three-Five

***WARNING: Post is FULL of pictures and is very long. Tuesday Tony and I got up early to head into town and catch a train to New York City. We crammed lots of sightseeing and WALKING into three days. I’m not feeling like a play-by-play so pictures will have to tell the story: Grand Central […]