Month: October 2008

  • A Sunny Day

    I have heard patients talk about Bunny Hill for years without ever looking into it. BIG mistake! Corinne only had a few days left before school started, and I wanted to go somewhere new. I checked in with someone at the ward to get directions, and we were off! I was told I would know […]

  • Christmas is on Somebody’s Brain

    Sigh. Tonight during Corinne’s prayer she prayed for Santa to find our house safely this year. Guess somebody’s gotta look out for the Big Guy. -g.

  • My Little Snowbunnies

    I called Tony this morning to clear up a few things about the day (I know…I’m clingy), and he mentioned that it was snowing where he works. I looked outside, and, sure enough, it was snowing here, too. There were just a few flakes blowing around. That was all the kids needed to see. They […]

  • Fruits of our Labors

    Tony has always had great luck with tomatoes. They seem to grow anywhere and everywhere. This year, however, was something different. We started making our own sauce a couple years ago and prefer its taste. We didn’t get too many cans this year, but it’s more about being together making it. I helped my mom […]

  • In the mood for a quiz?

    Find out which character you are. Click here. Take the Quiz and Share Your Results! -g.

  • Kindergarten

    Corinne is loving kindergarten. She has class 5 days a week in the afternoon. They let us as parents pick am or pm but not pick the teacher. I think afternoons are better for her. She can have a lazy morning then get ready for school. Here’s pictures of her first day: She is always […]

  • Day Six and Seven

    Our last full day of our trip was spent driving to Maine so that Jeremiah and Tony could have Maine lobster for dinner. How does Maine lobster vary from the other 500 states we were in on this trip? Good question. The travel to get there was fun, none the less. Before we could head […]

  • Day Three-Five

    ***WARNING: Post is FULL of pictures and is very long. Tuesday Tony and I got up early to head into town and catch a train to New York City. We crammed lots of sightseeing and WALKING into three days. I’m not feeling like a play-by-play so pictures will have to tell the story: Grand Central […]

  • Day Two

    Since Day One was so full of action, we slept in on Day Two then hit the road for more! The Sharpes took us to Rhode Island to swim at the beach. Before heading out for a swim, we ate lunch right on the coast. Mind you, I don’t like seafood. I was just trying […]