My Little Snowbunnies

I called Tony this morning to clear up a few things about the day (I know…I’m clingy), and he mentioned that it was snowing where he works. I looked outside, and, sure enough, it was snowing here, too. There were just a few flakes blowing around. That was all the kids needed to see. They shoveled breakfast down and got dressed in full winter garb (snow pants, hats, gloves, boots, winter coats, etc) and went outside. While I was getting them ready, Mason asked if he could make a snowman. Corinne told him no. Probably just a snow angel. By the time they got dressed, there were no more flakes in the air. They played anyway. Ethan was so pitiful crying at the door that I got him dressed, too. He was like Randy and kept falling over. Corinne had to help him up multiple times. Cute kids. Don’t get me wrong. I’m in no hurry for snow accumulation. I’ll take global warming.


2 responses to “My Little Snowbunnies”

  1. Roman can not wait for it to snow. He hears the word snow and he goes running for the door to go see if it’s snowing yet.
    We had a few flakes a few weeks ago and he wanted to make a snowman so bad.

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