Fruits of our Labors

Tony has always had great luck with tomatoes. They seem to grow anywhere and everywhere. This year, however, was something different. We started making our own sauce a couple years ago and prefer its taste. We didn’t get too many cans this year, but it’s more about being together making it. I helped my mom make sauce and juice as a child. It’s fun to see my kids having the same experience.

Corinne’s turn to smash
Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce

Mason liked to crank
Tomato Sauce

Look at that deliciousness
Tomato Sauce

A good time for all with a yummy reward.


2 responses to “Fruits of our Labors”

  1. That looks yummy. Has Corrine asked to sell any of it yet? Payton is already scheming to sell her Halloween candy. Little girls crack me up.

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